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June Run Challenge

June Run Challenge

IT’S BAAAACCCCKK…Dust off your running shoes!

Cost: $20

*$5 goes into the winner’s “pot” and $15 covers your special edition t-shirt. You can either put cash in the envelope above the water fountain or mark your payment as credit card on the sign-up sheet.

Reward: Increased cardiovascular endurance is priceless, plus you have a chance to win a bundle of CASH.


What are the requirements for this challenge? 
Run 30 separate runs in the month of June. The easiest way to meet this requirement is to run 1 mile each day. If this requirement is met, you earn one raffle ticket into the drawing.

*Bonus Tip: If you attend class, there is a warm-up mile programmed for each day’s workout and, Voila! Your run will be completed for the day!

What if I miss a day?
You will have to do a “make-up run” by running twice in one day. To clarify, two miles does not equal two runs. They have to be separate runs.

*Bonus Tip: If some amount of time separates the two runs, it counts! For example, if you ran the warm-up mile during class and then ran an accumulative mile during the WOD, you can record this as 2 different runs. Sweet!

Do I get credit for running more than one mile a day?
Yes! You earn an extra raffle ticket for every additional 5 miles you run above the minimum 30 miles. For example, if you run a total of 40 miles in June, you earn a total of 3 raffle tickets.

*Bonus Tip: We are also giving a prize to the person who runs the most miles during the month. Hooray!

How do I record my miles?
I’ll send a Google spreadsheet to all participants who have signed up. Sign up on the sheet above the water fountain.

*Bonus Tip: Print out a blank month calendar and write in the runs/miles as you go. 

What should I do with this amazing run fitness?
Sign up for a local 5k running race or challenge yourself by entering an obstacle course race like a Spartan. Goals are motivational!

Please don’t hesitate to email [email protected] with any questions.

Happy Running!

Kathy & Cody Waite

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