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Free Running Foundations Clinic

Free Running Foundations Clinic

6PM May 31st @ Sessions:6

Looking to take your running form from funky to fantastic?

Join us for a RUNNING FOUNDATIONS CLINIC on Thursday night, May 31st at 6pm. Andrew Simmons, head coach at Lifelong Endurance, will take you through the foundational movements which anyone can master to become a better runner.

What to Expect in the Clinic:

Learn how to warm up the major muscles you need to β€˜turn on’ before you run.
Run without pain: 4 common problems you can resolve by the end of class.
Drills and Implementation: putting it all together!
This class will equip with the knowledge and skills you need to start the process of becoming the efficient, comfortable runner you want to be. This is the perfect kick-starter for our annual June Run Challenge!

Cost: FREE


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